TOJ ELITE - The Twenty One Jewels Loyalty Program

Twenty One Jewels has a new & awesome Loyalty Program - Come be a part of our TOJ Elite Club!

 The first step to becoming a member of the Twenty One Jewels Loyalty Program is to create an account on our website. 

Once you have created your account, simply log in to your account on the website and click on the Rewards icon on the Bottom Left of the Home Page to see your Earned Points. Below are some points to note: 



  1. Once you create your Account on our website you will be automatically enrolled into our Loyalty Program.
  2. For every Rs.1 spent on a fulfilled and delivered order, you earn 1 point.
  3. The points have a validity of 180 days and a reminder email is sent 7 days before the points expire.
  4. The points can be redeemed through the discount coupons you will receive on your email when you have enough points eligible for redemption.
  5. Each discount coupon is a coupon code that can be used in a purchase to avail the discount.
  6. The points are added within 24 hours of making a purchase


Spending Points:


  1. The Minimum Points Balance needed to avail a discount coupon is 4000 points.
  2. You get Rs. 100 off for every 4000 points earned.
  3. Maximum discount that can be availed on 1 discount coupon is Rs.1000
  4. To Redeem your points please log in to your account on our website and click on the ‘Rewards’ Tab on the bottom left of the home screen.
  5. On the Rewards Tab, You will be able to see your points balance as well as will have the option to Redeem your points.
  6. Adjust the Points Bar to set how many points you would like to Redeem. The bar will not move beyond your total points balance.
  7. You can redeem all or part of your points balance as you would like.
  8. Once you click on Redeem, you will see a discount coupon that can be copied to your clipboard and can be used in your next purchase with us. The Coupon Code will also be sent to your email id.
  9. Simply Use the Coupon Code at the time of Check Out to avail the discount.
  10. For any assistance, please drop us an email on


Please Note:  All Rules of the Loyalty Program are subjected to the Standard Terms and Conditions of Priyug India Private Limited. Please read the Terms and Conditions for more details .