Jewelry Care


All Our Jewelry is Rhodium Plated and has an Anti Tarnish Coating. However following the tips below will ensure proper care for your precious jewelry to make it sparkle forever. 


How Best Can You Care for your Jewelry?

To maintain the shine and durability of your jewellery, always remove it while bathing, exercising or swimming.

Your jewellery should be the last thing you put on when getting ready; after you’ve used your perfume, applied your makeup or lotions; and it should be the first thing you take off.

Avoid exposing jewellery to chemical based products such as bleaches, chlorine, shower gel, shampoo, soaps etc.



How should you store your Jewelry? ( This is most important )

NEVER Store your jewelry in the velvet box it came in. After receiving your order, remove it from the velvet box and store it sealed in the plastic ziplocks that we send along and then keep the ziplock in an airtight plastic box.  



How should you clean your Jewelry?

Dust, sweat, lotions and moisturizers can get accumulated on jewelry pieces over time causing grime. You can easily clean your jewellery by gently rubbing it using a damp cloth soaked in lukewarm water, added with a bit of mild soap. Rinse with clean water, pat completely dry with a soft cloth and you're done.